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Our personal selection goes to Hostgator as we chose them for a few good reasons: Their packages are very affordable, we can host unlimited websites and something very important for us, as we have to deal with a lot of web sites, they offer an unlimited number of my SQL databases. For example a BLOG needs 1 my SQL database. Their service is also excellent and they bought green energy credits to counter balance the energy used for their server farm.
For Canadians who would like to host their website in Canada, Doteasy is our choice.

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Yes we're talking about a brand new computer, fast and reliable, loaded with features The all-new iMac. Beautifully redesigned 20- and 24-inch models from $1199. Wouldn't it be a good time now just before the Holidays to treat yourself to a real fast computer? Apple computers have been climbing back in the public eye in recent years with sleek designs and of course the legendary ease of use that brought the trademark to such a remarkable recognition. Professional designers as well as musicians have made the Apple Mac Pro the machine of choice amongst them for serious graphical applications as well as studio work.

Downloading music, creating movies, editing pictures with a few clicks of the mouse has never been so easy with these modern times powerhorses and since they can also boot the Windows operating system as well as Mac OSes on the same computer, you get the best of both worlds, you get a free world, your own free world.

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